Luma Solar Shingle Specifications

  • Shingle Warranty

    Limited Lifetime

  • Power Warranty

    25 Years

  • Wind Rating

    TAS 125-03: Wind MPH 200+

  • Cell Type


  • Operating Temperature

    - 40 ° C / +85 ° C

  • Hurricane Rating

    Miami-Dade Hurricane Rating: Class 5+

  • Composition

    24 ga Galvalume coated steel sheet

  • Exposed Area

    52.5" x 14.65"

  • Maximum Power


  • Upgradeable



Luxury Solar Roof

Designed for life.

A Luma Solar System is more than a solar roof. It's an enduring work of art. Each system is hand-built to your roof specifications by our highly-skilled team members. You care deeply about your home's aesthetics. So do we.

Seamless Design

Complete solar roofing system that seamlessly blends solar shingles with non-solar metal shingles

Standard Installation

Installs like traditional metal roofing

Engineering Excellence

Engineered for air flow and wire harnesses under the solar shingles

Single-Hole Install

Only one penetration is required for the wires to go through the roof deck

High Conversion Efficiency

Solar cells have high conversion efficiencies resulting in superior power output performance

All-Weather Performance

Outstanding power output even in low light or high temperature conditions

Integrate with other materials

Luma Solar shingles can be integrated with all roofing material